We will kick-start the development of your child.

“We are a start-up kindergarten mainly because we create the programme, but also because we create ourselves. Kindergarten is the first important milestone in a little person’s life.

We care about children being happy in the kindergarten, but also in their lives with the skills and abilities they will learn.”

Václav Dědek
Director and founder of the Start-up Školka


Key pillars

Individual approach

All-round development

Family atmosphere

Joy and creativity

Children are encouraged to be independent and interested in their own possibilities. They develop in a versatile way thanks to a special methodology of eight types of clubs, combined with bi-monthly themes. And also thanks to the openness, trust and friendly atmosphere.

We are partners with the children and have sincere relationships with them. Parents can also get involved in the running of the establishment.

We make sure the facilities are high quality and pleasant – the nursery is located in a wonderful area of Karlín, which provides plenty of opportunities for walks to nearby parks and playgrounds. In addition to the playroom, common room and dining room, we also have a gym, outdoor courtyard and art studio.

Want to know more about our approach? Come and visit us and try a day out with your child.